Michelle Dockery's latest role is far away from the sprawling Crawley estate.

The Downton Abbey actress stopped by Chelsea Lately on Thursday to talk about her action flick Non-Stop and starring opposite Liam Neeson.

"I think he is the best," Chelsea Handler said about the Northern Irish actor. "He's so masculine, isn't he?"

"Yeah, he is," the 32-year-old British beauty gushed. "It was amazing to work with him. And you know, he's such a nice guy. But he is, he's huge."

"He's huge. Isn't he huge in person?" the late-night host asked. "I don't think I've ever seen him in person."

Michelle Dockery, Chelsea Lately

Chelsea Lately

"Yeah he's massive," Dockery replied.

"And you're so tiny!" Handler quipped. "So when he's covering your mouth, you probably had a big erection. There's nothing sexier when a man puts his hand over your mouth when you know you're safe with him, obviously."

Jokes aside, Dockery couldn't help but praise her other co-star, the "hilarious" Julianne Moore.

"This one time, she just looked over at Liam and in the film he's texting, you know he gets this threat on his phone from the terrorist," Dockery remembered. "And she goes, 'There he goes again, texting away with his giant thumbs,'" Dockery said with a perfect American accent.

To hear about Dockery's fun encounter with Rihanna and her famous fan Mick Jagger, watch the clip above!

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