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The Amazing Race Season 24: Find Out Which All-Star Was Eliminated Before the Race Began!

The Amazing Race, All Stars Cast CBS

Grab those backpacks and pull out your passports—It's time for an all-new, all-star edition of The Amazing Race!

CBS' Emmy Award-winning reality competition is back, bur this time the teams are comprised of fan-favorites who are ready for their second chance at the grand prize.

Sunday night's season 24 premiere re-introduced many of the couples that Amazing Race fans already know and love. However, there was an extra suitcase full of drama in tonight's episode: One of the all-stars didn't even make it to the starting line!

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The Amazing Race, All Stars Cast CBS

William "Bopper" Martin

Before the first leg of the race began, host Phil Keoghan announced that season 20's Bopper discovered the night before the race that he has an inflamed pancreas and could not compete. Dun dun duuuun!

Although Bopper was officially out of the competition, Keoghan gave his partner, Mark Jackson, the chance to find a new partner. In a dramatic twist, Mallory Ervin—from season 17 when she was partnered with Gary Ervin—came to Mark's rescue so that he could compete. (So does any one else think that Mallory was the only person that CBS could find on such short notice to join the competition?)

By the end of the premiere, the teams ended their first episode in China where Jet and Cord were revealed to be the first team to arrive at the opera house and were rewarded with this season's first express passes. As for tonight's eliminated duo? Natalie and Nadiya were the last team to arrive and were the first ones to be cut from the all-star season. 

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