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Kurt Cobain's Hometown Honored His Birthday With a Really Creepy Crying Statue

Kurt Cobain, Crying Statue KING5

Um, maybe this wasn't the best way to honor someone like Kurt Cobain. Yes, it is the thought that counts. But what if that thought looks ridiculously creepy?

Aberdeen, the Washington state hometown of the late, great Nirvana front man, wanted to celebrate what would have been his 47th birthday by declaring Feb. 20 "Kurt Cobain Day."

Aberdeen Mayor Bill Simpson said the town "should have done this a whole heckuva long time ago," but they are making up for it with an unveiling of a statue of Kurt Cobain that will be on display at the Aberdeen Museum of History. Again, it's a nice gesture, but all it takes is one look at the statue (above and below) and you'll see why we're hesitant to look at it for too long.

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Kurt Cobain, Crying Statue KING5

Yes, Kurt and Nirvana's music definitely had a darker tone, but did they have to make it cry? We could have definitely done without the single tear running down the statue's cheek.

Mayor Simpson has received backlash for memorializing Cobain, who publically struggled with drug addiction and never really had anything nice to say about the town he came from.

"Yeah, they [Nirvana] weren't the best people," Simpson told Seattle's King 5 News. "I'm not either."

He also hopes that the display will one day be "as big as Graceland."

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In order for that to happen they'll probably want to go in a less creepy direction and have a more celebratory tone for any other Nirvana tribute they have planned for the future.

You can watch the full news segment on the statue below:

What do you think of the Kurt Cobain statue? Frightening or a worthy homage? 

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