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We are the first to admit that when it comes to music, we're not very hip and/or with it. But when the lineup was released for the 2014 Bonnaroo music festival, we couldn't help but do a double-take when we saw some of the names of the acts scheduled to perform. Like, who is this Elton John guy? (Dear sweet lord we are kidding, please do not take that seriously).

So while perusing the most obscure bands that are further down on the press release after the bigger headliners, we came up with a little game, and we want to quiz you people. Below is a list of 20 names; some of them are actual musical acts that will be performing this year at Bonnaroo, and some are names we totally made up. Can you tell the difference? No Googling, you cheaters!

1. The Fact of the Matter Is 
2. Cloud Nothings
3. St. Paul & The Broken Bones
4. Panda
5. Book Us!
6. DakhaBrakha
7. Drive-By Truckers
8. Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
9. Blackberry Smoke
10. Blackberry Pearl
11. First Aid Kit
12. Slightly Stoopid
13. White Denim
14. Goat
15. This Is a Band Name
16. Break Science 
17. Could You Lend Me Some Sugar?
18. Carolina Chocolate Drops
19. Funfetti & The Sorry Charlies
20. Lki Lki? Pop

OK, think you know the real band names from the fake ones? Scroll down past some random GIFs for the answer key!

Mean Girls/Patrick GIF
Creepy Birds GIF
Honey Boo Boo GIF

1. The Fact of the Matter Is: FAKE
2. Cloud Nothings:
REAL (indie-rock band from Cleveland)
3. St. Paul & The Broken Bones:
REAL (soul indie-rock band from Birmingham, Ala.)
4. Panda:
5. Book Us!:
6. DakhaBrakha:
REAL (world-music quartet from Ukraine)
7. Drive-By Truckers: REAL (alternative country/Southern rock band from Athens, Ga.)
8. Thao & The Get Down Stay Down: REAL (alternative folk rock band from San Francisco)
9. Blackberry Smoke: REAL (southern rock/country band from Atlanta)
10. Blackberry Pearl: FAKE
11. First Aid Kit: REAL (Swedish folk duo)
12. Slightly Stoopid: REAL (San Diego band that describes their sound as "a fusion of folk, rock, reggae and blues with hip-hop, funk, metal and punk." Phew!)
13. White Denim: REAL (rock band from Austin, Texas)
14. Goat: REAL (Swedish alternative and experimental fusion music group)
15. This Is a Band Name: FAKE
16. Break Science: REAL (Brooklyn based electronic duo)
17. Could You Lend Me Some Sugar?: FAKE
18. Carolina Chocolate Drops: REAL (old-time string band from Durham, N.C.)
19. Funfetti & The Sorry Charlies: FAKE
20. Lki Lki? Pop: FAKE

How did you do? If you like any of our fake band names, feel free to take it if and when you start your own act. Except for Funfetti & the Sorry Charlies. That one is ours.

In related news, our research led us to discover the music of all these bands, so now our musical horizons have been broadened. Join us!

If you want to check out those acts plus the likes of Kanye West, Lionel Richie, Frank Ocean and The Flaming Lips, Bonnaroo tickets go on sale this Saturday (Feb. 22) at noon on the official festival website.

And if you want to see Funfetti & the Sorry Charlies perform live, well you have to wait until we, you know, actually start the band. But look for us at Bonnaroo 2016! ... OK, Bonnaroo 2020, to be on the safe side.

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