11 Times Katy Perry's Egyptian-Themed Brit Awards Performance Was Historically Inaccurate

The Prism singer performed "Dark Horse" dressed like a neon Cleopatra

By John Boone Feb 20, 2014 12:10 AMTags
Katy Perry, Brit AwardsJoel Ryan/Invision/AP

Katy Perry drew criticism when she performed at the AMAs dressed as a geisha (in her defense, she just really loves Japan, you guys). Now she is Egyptian. Perry performed "Dark Horse" (sans Juicy J) at today's Brit Awards, and the theme seemed to be Cleopatra's First Rave. 

It was not historically accurate. Here are 11 reasons why:

1. Chariots in ancient Egypt were predominantly drawn by horses and not by people. Those chariots that were human-drawn were likely pulled by slaves. These backup dancers are surely being paid.

This chariot is not Egyptian.

2. Neon, the element, was discovered in 1898, though neon was not used in lighting until 1919. The ancient Egyptians did not have access to neon lighting and instead, built their pyramids out of stone.

This neon pyramid is not Egyptian.

3. Katy Perry sings, "Make me your Aphrodite/ Make me your one and only." Aphrodite was a Greek god. The ancient Egyptians were similarly polytheistic, but worshipped their own set of deities. The correct lyric should be "Make me your Hathor."

This goddess is not Egyptian.

4. Though spears were eventually replaced by bow and arrows, they were used by ancient Egyptians for warfare and for hunting. So Katy Perry could be correct in depicting her male soldiers with spears. They were not used, though, as stripper poles.

These stripper pole spears are not Egyptian.

5. This is not how you walk like an Egyptian.

6. And this is not how you dance like an Egyptian.

7. This is also not how the ancient Egyptians danced. Ancient Egyptian women have been described as "elegant, graceful, even acrobatic" in dance, with style often tending towards lyrical dance or more animalistic movements.

This fist bump is not Egyptian.

8. Not sure what this dance move is...

...but it's not Egyptian.

9. The "Every Drunk White Girl" dance move was also not Egyptian.

Because ancient Egyptians were not white. This move was likely created in the '80s.

10. And twerking became popular in the early '90s in the Dirty South.

The ancient Egyptians were not twerkers. Cleopatra did not twerk.

In conclusion: This "Egyptian" performance was not historically accurate.

And Katy Perry is not an Egyptian.