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Amber Heard knows how to work up a good sweat.

"It's not easy for me to keep in shape," she told me at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills while promoting her new action thriller, 3 Days to Kill (in theaters on Feb, 21).

Fortunately, she lives in sunny California. "I live in L.A.," she says. "I can be outside a lot. I have a lot of impetus to be active. I have a horse. I ride a lot. I'm lucky to live in L.A., so I can find ways to be active."

Amber Heard, Golden Globes 2014

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Heard definitely had to be in shape for 3 Days to Kill. She plays a vamped-up FBI agent who seems to only wears dark, skintight S&M-esque ensembles.

But they weren't always so comfortable to wear.

"We filmed in the winter in Paris," Heard said. "It was about 20 degrees on the best day and I was literally wearing dresses made out of the same material condoms are made out of. I'm not kidding, there's this incredible latex designer who does a line of latex [and polyurethane] dresses. They were as weather protective as a condom would be."

She goes on, "It's snowing and icing. They had to keep throwing hot water on the cobblestones because it was freezing over. It was raining and snowy, there was ice all over the cobblestone streets and I'm wearing six-inch unbroken-in Louboutins and Jimmy Choos and I'm in a condom dress and a long blond wig. Did I mention it was snowy and cold?"

3 Days to Kill, Three Days To Kill, Amber Heard

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Speaking of being active, Heard, who grew up in Texas, proudly proclaims that she loves two-stepping. When I mention that my husband goes two-stepping and line dancing on an almost weekly basis, she asks if he goes to country dancing night at Oil Can Harry's, a gay bar in L.A.


"I'm dieing to go," Heard says. "Every week, I try to make plans with my gays to go and every week something happens and I can't go. I'm dieing to."

See you on the dancefloor, Amber!

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