Facemakers, Lydia Hearst

When you look at a glamorous photo of a celebrity in a glossy magazine, you don't necessarily think of all the hours of work it took to create the gorgeous look, right? Probably not.

But behind every flawless face is a team of stylists keeping every hair in place. So in honor of these celebrity "facemakers," we've come up with a list of some of the industry's biggest power players behind the scenes.

We're talking about celebrity makeup artists like Tara Savelo, the woman behind Lady Gaga's famous look, or Chris McMillan, the hairstylist who cut Miley Cyrus' hair, giving her that famous pixie cut that helped her break out from former Disney teen to serious pop star.

And then there's models like Anne V and Lydia Hearst, both coaches on Oxygen's The Face, who have assembled trusty "glam squads," aka teams of makeup artists and stylists who help them look camera ready at all times.

So even though you may not know all these talented stylists by name, you've probably admired their work in a magazine or on TV and just never realized it.

Click through our gallery to see all the celebrity facemakers. 

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