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    George Clooney and The Monuments Men Cast Joke About Epic Matt Damon Prank—Watch Now!

    If you haven't heard by now, George Clooney is the ultimate prankster.

    The Oscar winner was behind a rather cruel joke to have the wardrobe department on the set of The Monuments Men keep taking in his costar Matt Damon's pants.

    "The funny part was he didn't know that I did it, which was even worse because I forgot to reveal that I was being awful to him, by taking in his pants," he told E!'s Giuliana Rancic during a press interview for WWII drama. "It was just funny because he showed up on the set, Matt looks great. He shows up on the set, he's like ‘I wanna lose 15 pounds on this movie.'"

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    Damon probably shouldn't have revealed his plans to drop some weight to Clooney.

    "So he's dieting and exercising," the 52-year-old actor revealed. "He would go away for a week and I would just have the wardrobe people take in his wardrobe half an inch. By the end, he's just like eating a grape but his pants are getting tighter," he said with a chuckle.

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    The rest of the cast soon found out and applauded Clooney's epic prank.

    "Well it was great because Matt was eating like a pig anyway," John Goodman joked. "I mean huge joints of meat. No napkins."

    Now that would be a funny image.

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