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Real-Life Emojis Are the Most Frightening Thing You'll See All Day (but for Good Reason)

Emoji, Innocence en Danger Innocence en Danger

Next time you want to send a wink face to your boo over the phone, just think of that pic up there. We killed your sexting desire, huh? Sorry.

These ad photos may be the most terrifying images this side of that Old Spice mom commercial, but at least they will haunt your nightmares for a good cause.

The photos are from Innocence en Danger, an international non-profit organization dedicated to protecting children from sexual abuse. In this case, the message is all about how you never know who is behind the emoticons, and that alone is a very scary thought. But when you turn those kissy faces and put them on grown men, well…it's safe to say we haven't stopped shivering since we first saw the pics.

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Emoji, Innocence en Danger Innocence en Danger
Emoji, Innocence en Danger Innocence en Danger

To read more about this campaign, you can head on over to their website. 

Parents, if you want to talk to your kids about Internet safety, just use these photos as a visual aid. They might swear off computers for good.

Personally, after seeing the real-life emojis, we'll never text a crying emoticon to our friends ever again. Well, we might. Just to get a horrified reaction. It'll probably go a little something like this:

Emoji Text

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