Old Spice Commercial


It is too late to bring back the Old Spice Guy, aka Isaiah Mustafa?

Old Spice released a new commercial during Sunday's AFC Wild Card game (that's an NFL game, for the uninitiated), and it immediately grabbed people by the soul and scared the living s—t out of everyone. Instead of the silly and hunky men we're used to Old Spice featuring, we got teenage boys and their mothers using any means necessary to spy on their sons. That doesn't sound too creepy, does it? Just wait.

The premise is that Old Spice turns boys into men, and all of sudden these moms have to watch their precious baby boys gallivanting and carrying on with girls. While singing a sorrowful tune, the mothers follow around their sons while they walk with the girls, drive with the girls, go to the beach with the girls and so on. They pop out of bushes (weird), they pop up from the sand (weirder), they use a creepy janitor mannequin disguise to watch them at lunch (horrifying) and they slide out from underneath the couch while their sons try and "watch a movie" with their girlfriends (truly creepy). Basically, this whole commercial will give you night terrors for the rest of the week. Possibly longer.

Watch the commercial below and tell us if you think the Old Spice ad is scary, frightening or disturbing. 

OK, let's look at happy GIFs so we can try and wipe that awful ad from our memories.

Puppy GIF

Look, a puppy!

Kitten GIF

A kitten!

Baby Panda GIF

A baby panda sliding down a slide!

Old Spice Commercial

Ahhhhh! It found us! So long, good night's sleep. We'll never know you again.

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