Miley Cyrus, Twitter


Miley Cyrus, along with almost everyone on the planet, enjoys her ice cream.

The singer indulged in a sweet treat earlier today, and shared a sexy selfie on Twitter while chompin' down on a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar. "#yummyasf--k," Cyrus captioned the photo, and well, she's right. Those are really yummy.

Cyrus' picture comes a day after she tweeted, "tooooo. muuuuuuch." with a bunch of ice cream emojis, but clearly, she realized there's no such a thing as too much ice cream. C'mon.

Over the weekend, Miley took to Twitter to slam people who call her an "ugly lesbian." Just to be clear, it's the "ugly" part that she's not happy with.

The singer and gay rights advocate tweeted Sunday, Jan. 12, that she gets "called an ugly lesbian a lot more than one would think. Or maybe not." She then suggested if those name-callers could "atleast call me an interesting lesbian" because she "hate(s) the U word."

Her tweets then became directed at the paparazzi, tweeting, "I can't even take my dog for a walk on a Sunday. Paps suck a fat [eggplant emoji]. Yes. Suck a fat Eggplant," and ultimately decided, "I love being alone on sundays."

All you need in this life of sin, is you and an ice cream.

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