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2014 Golden Globes: Five Things You Didn't See on TV

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There was a lot more going on at the Golden Globes than what was shown on television. I was inside the International Ballroom at the Beverly Hilton to give you the scoop on what you didn't see—or hear—on television.

1. Places Everybody: Just seconds to go before the show began, an announcer pleaded with everyone to please take their seats. Another voice booms for wait staff to remove the unsightly table number cards from the tables. At one point, Matt Damon is called. "Matt Damon, please come backstage," a voice booms through the room. Julia Roberts zigzagged between tables in the back of the room to get to her seat in time (hubby Danny Moder carried both their drinks). Sandra Bullock did the same, but found herself smushed against a large column for a few seconds before the crowd parted for her. Mark Ruffalo had some alone time later in the evening when he leaned against the same column to check his iPhone.

2. Swift Response: Taylor Swift chatted with Modern Family star Ariel Winter during a commercial break but not before congratulating yours truly on my recent wedding. She asked to see a pic of the big day. "I love jumping shots," she squealed when I showed her a photo of my husband Fabian and me jumping in a park in Beverly Hills. Also seen chatting? Bradley Cooper and mom-to-be Olivia Wilde. Ben Affleck told Taylor Shilling he was a fan of her Netflix hit, Orange Is the New Black. Jessica Chastain shared a hug with Lena Dunham, who also talked to DuJour magazine co-editor in chief Nicole Vecchiarelli.

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3. Mothers Day: Leonardo DiCaprio and Joaquin Phoenix both had their moms with them. The four laughed and posed arm-in-arm for a group shot. Too sweet!

4. Bathroom Break: Kristin Chenoweth (looking fab with her new short hair and wearing a body-hugging blue gown) is waiting in a line for the women's restroom. "Oh, my God," a young man gushes to the singer-actress. "Can I just tell you I love you? It all started when you were on Frasier." The singer-actress played Frasier's junior agent on the hit sitcom in 2001.

5. The Hunger Games: With the main course served before the show even starts, dinner for many meant the box of Godiva chocolates left at everybody's seat. Julianna Margulies and her hot husband Keith Lieberthal took a stroll to the bar near the smoking section to nibble from the spread of vegetables, fruits and other various finger foods. Mike Tyson did the same.

Malkin Instagram, Golden Globes 2014 Instagram

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