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Living, dead, undead--it seems they all took a liking to Miley Cyrus in the past year!

On Dec. 30, the Bangerz beauty was praised by Courtney Love for saving 2013 from dullness, and she was also--for real!--visited by a ghost named Sheila.

Let's begin with the living! Courtney, 49, has spoken highly of the twerking superstar before, calling her "sort of punk in a weird sex way." But on Monday, the Hole musician took her fandom to a new level, tweeting, "if it wasn't for ‪@MileyCyrus‬ 2013 would've been a dull dreary year. if you can't agree with that, you're an idiot Happy NYE asshats!"

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Twerk! Miley, 21, was clearly flattered, tweeting back simply, "@courtney, I [heart] you!"

"love you more," Courtney responded. "ok thats it lets just get it over with and @)*$(%! bwahaa here's to you owning 2014 kiddo, cheers xx"

Well that would be an interesting collaboration. But, Court isn't the only one clamoring to get close to M.C. According to he "Adore You" singer's tweet, she had a visit from an otherworldly soul on Monday, too--a "ghost in my room" whose "name is sheila."

Apparently this isn't Sheila's first visit to casa de Miley. In fact, ghosts have visited the Cyrus clan for a number of years now, according to Miley, that is. Spooky!

Despite its haunted end, Miley tweeted her appreciation for "so many good memories [she] made this year." She is, however, "So ready for 2014."

Aren't we all, sistafriend!

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