Jimmy Kimmel is putting one lucky—or unlucky—kid in the hot seat!

In a hilarious new video clip, the Jimmy Kimmel Live host meets 5-year-old Ira and tries to figure out whether or not Ira has been naughty or nice this year with the help of a Christmas lie detector test.

Kimmel starts out with some easy questions first: What's your name? How old are you? Then, the funnyman goes in for the kill.

"Have you done any naughty things this year?" he asks Ira, who's sitting across the table from Kimmel while wearing a metal lie detector helmet.

"No," Ira says as a light on his helmet goes off along with a loud buzz, indicating a lie answer. Kimmel then probes, "OK, now the machine is saying that you have done some naughty things this year."

"Some things," Ira says adorably. "My brother hurts me then sometimes I just tell him to stop and he doesn't listen. And then I try to yell at him but my mom tells me don't."

Kimmel moves on to, "Do you pick your nose?" to which Ira answers, "Sometimes. Sometimes not."

Kimmel transitions the line of questioning and asks Ira to tell him about some of the nice things he's done in the past year. "I think I apologized to my brother because my mom told me to, so I like have to say it every time," the tyke says, adding he had to apologize to his brother because he "hurt him."

"So what you're saying is the nice thing you did this year was apologize to your brother after you hurt him?" Kimmel says. "I don't think that's going to look good on a list."

So what happens when Kimmel grills Ira about calling his brother a "stupid, stupid idiot"? Watch the hysterical clip and find out!

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