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We can't stop smiling.

Why, you ask? Because Alex and Sierra are the newest champions of The X Factor! The boyfriend-girlfriend duo dominated the Fox reality competition series this season and now they have won the coveted one million dollar prize and a record contract with Sony.

E! News caught up with the folk twosome just minutes after their big win to get their beyond adorable reaction and find out the plans for their highly anticipated debut album. Plus, we caught up with X Factor's bossman Simon Cowell to see what's in store for season four. 

"I think we're still in shock honestly" Alex gushed backstage. Sierra added that she and her beau were a bundle of nerves in the moments leading up to the big announcement Thursday evening. "We couldn't really think of anything. All I could really feel was my heart beating really loudly," she said. 

Alex admitted that he was starting to get irritated with Mario Lopez's X Factor procrastinations. "I kept thinking, ‘Mario just say it. Seriously.' I got really tired of that." Agreed. I think we all can admit that the whole, "After this commercial break!" line is getting pretty old.

Alex and Sierra's mentor, Simon Cowell, admit that he was the most anxious person in the X Factor auditorium. "I was more nervous than these two. They were looking at me and expecting me to be happy and they were like, ‘You're not happy,' and I went, ‘No because I don't know.'" The executive producer added, "I was practicing my fake smile, which I don't do very well."

So when can fans expect to hear Alex and Sierra's sure-to-be amazing debut album? Unfortunately, Cowell says it's not going to be anytime soon. 

"It's going to be as long as it takes. I mean I don't care how long the album takes as long as they're happy with it." He continued, "They've got the support of so many people worldwide, people love this group so you know you just have to take your time and do it well."

Looking ahead, Cowell says that it will be "a month" before he even begins to start thinking about next season of The X Factor.

And now that Demi Lovato has officially announced that she will not be returning for season four, Cowell says he's ready to shake things up on the Fox singing competition. "It has to come back in a different way and I think I know what I want to do now," he teased. 

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