Puppies with Paintbrushes


OK, well, mistake number one was asking puppies who can barely walk to paint your house. Not only do they lack opposable thumbs, but German Shepherds are known for mixing up their colors, especially when it comes to telling the difference between chartreuse-green and Pistachio-green. Stupid puppies.

But who cares if these puppies can barely lift a paint brush...look how cute they are! They're waddling around with the brushes in their mouths! That's not how you paint. Look! Some of them can't even go two seconds without rolling around on the ground! You guys are nowhere near the house you are supposed to paint! Ugh, someone blew hundreds or thousands of dollars hiring you guys to paint their property, but it doesn't matter because now two of you are adorably fighting over a paint brush!

Puppies, rethink your career path. You suck at painting houses, but c'mere so we can squeeze all of you!

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