Cats in Brooklyn Manger


There is no proof that cats weren't part of the birth of baby Jesus, so we're not sure what all the fuss is about. Everything is better with cats. Science has already proven that fact.

So it makes sense that now that the Christmas season is upon us, cats should be included in holiday décor, like a nativity scene. Which is exactly what's happening in Brooklyn, except the people responsible for the manger setup did not plan for their Christmas tribute to be overrun by feral cats.

Cats in Brooklyn Manger


Well, what do they expect when you pile up a bunch of soft hay and shine a warm light on it? It's Brooklyn and it's cold! These poor cats are just trying to find shelter and they've probably been shooed out of every other residence in the area. Does that remind you of anyone? Perhaps a story about a certain Virgin Mary trying to find somewhere to give birth to her baby?

Don't worry, the sisters behind the nativity scene, Sue and Annette Amendola, don't mind the fluffy infiltration.

"People love it, but they really get a laugh out of the cats," Sue said.

Apparently this happens every year, according to RLJR News. The nativity scene goes up, and the cats move in. But that's not the best part. On Dec. 25, after Jesus is "born" and placed in the manger of hay, the cats just kick that newborn figurine out of there and take its place. Son of God? The cats have absolutely zero time for that.

"When the figurine of baby Jesus does finally appear on the hay bale, the cats usually push him right off to take their rightful spot, on the warm bale," Annette said. You hear that? "Rightful" spot.

There would probably be no war if everyone worshiped cats. The ancient Egyptians were definitely on to something. Praise be to kittens.

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