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    Courtney Stodden, 19, Cozies Up Anna Nicole Smith's Ex-Boyfriend Edward Lozzi, 53

    Courtney Stodden, Edward Lozzi, Pop Fashion and Sport Event, Studio City Tai Urban/

    Courtney Stodden knows what she likes—and that appears to be 53-year-old men!

    On Thursday, Nov. 22, at an event in L.A., the 19-year-old blonde cozied up to Anna Nicole Smith's ex-boyfriend Edward Lozzi. Lozzi, a former White House aide turned PR guru, is 35 years older than Stodden—just like her soon-to-be ex-husband Doug Hutchison.

    But let's not get ahead of ourselves with this one. Stodden's manager told E! News the former "teen bride" is not dating Lozzi, adding, "It's just innocent fun. It seems like lots of guys have a hard time keeping their hands off of her. She is enjoying being 19. She deserves it."

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    Courtney Stodden, Edward Lozzi, Pop Fashion and Sport Event, Studio City Tai Urban/

    Stodden does, however, seem to be the "type" Lozzi has liked in the past. In the wake of of Anna Nicole Smith's tragic death in 2007, he spoke to CNN fondly about his brief romance with the woman he called "Marilyn Monroe for our generation."

    "She was just—just a funny, funny girl, sense of humor that just would blow you away. She was nothing like she's perceived," he recalled of Smith, whom he dated in the early '90s. "She was dumb like a fox, if you know what I mean. She—a  lot of that was an act. She was very sharp and witty, with a lot of one-liners."

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    "Kissing her was like kissing Marilyn Monroe," he gushed. "They have the same mouth. If you ever notice, if you look, you see photographs of her teeth and her lip structure, they're just like Marilyn. It's just uncanny."

    Stodden has likened herself to Monroe in the past, even dressing up as the iconic bombshell on numerous occasions. In an interview with RumorFix earlier this year, Stodden said she relates to "beautiful, iconic women" from "the pin-up days"—including Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Brigitte Bardot.

    "Those women were old souls, and I feel like I can connect with them," she said. "We are both old souls and we're having fun, and being glamorous and flirty."

    —Reporting by Marcus Mulick

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