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Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Monday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

How I Met Your Mother: It was the moment that we've all been hoping, wishing and waiting for. After eight long years, the CBS hit series finally addressed The Pineapple Incident—an unsolved mystery that fans have been desperate to figure out since the very first season. Unfortunately, this pivotal scene revealed absolutely NOTHING!

When Ted decided to embrace one of his alter-egos, Detective Mosby, Lily pointed out that our protagonist still hasn't solved the case of the random nightstand pineapple. We were then presented with a measly six-second flashback to a week before the wedding: "I'm calling it," Ted grumbled, before knocking over an elaborate, Homeland-inspired thinking board. And that was it. No answers, no funny, elaborate tale. Just a distant, "Dammit!" from Ted as he shuffled off-screen. For diehard fans of How I Met Your Mother, it truly felt like a slap in the face.

Sleepy Hollow: You already know that we're completely and utterly in love with Ichabod Crane, but after tonight's episode of Sleepy Hollow, we're now officially obsessed with this series. Via flashback, we learned that Katrina wasn't always Ichabod's lady love—in fact, she was engaged to another man: Ichabod's best friend! Abraham Van Brunt was Crane's 1774 bestie, and he was set up with Katrina through an arranged married. Despite the ring on her finger, our handsome hero and the fiery redhead fell in love.

Desperate to come clean about his feelings, Ichabod revealed the truth about their romance to Abraham while the two were on a journey to deliver a precursor of the Declaration of Independence. In typical male fashion, swords were drawn, harsh words were exchanged and just when it looked like Ichabod was going to lose the duel, Abraham was shot by a British soldier. But that's not the shocking part, sleepy heads.

We discovered that when Abraham died, he came back to earth as another being: The Headless Horseman! We pretty much lost our minds upon learning this information—and yes that pun was fully intended. Shortly after his death, Abraham made a deal with Moloch to get revenge on Ichabod. His prize, once he completes his task? Katrina! Which is exactly why she's being held in that demonic dimension. Perfection.

Hart of Dixie

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Hart of Dixie: We found out that somebody is preggers, y'all! Was it Zoe? Lemon? Annabeth? Nope, the answer is… D) None of the above! Despite the fact that Brick and Shelby broke up, and the fact that he's old enough to be a grandfather, we discovered that Brick is going to be a daddy—again. Brick and Lemon learned that Shelby is seven months pregnant and has been keeping it a secret from the Breeland family this entire time. Um, rude. And FYI, Wade was shirtless for a glorious fifteen seconds in tonight's episode. It wasn't shocking, but it was very much appreciated.

Dancing With the Stars: Did you miss tonight's semi-finals performances? Not to worry! We got all the dancing drama, wrapped in a big sequined bow, in this week's DWST elimination recap! Click Here to find out which contestants will be dancing in next week's special two-episode finale event.

The Voice: They definitely saved the best for last on tonight's episode of The Voice. The top ten competitors took the stage this evening, and although all the contestants sounded fantastic, Team Christina's Matthew Schuler definitely stole the spotlight. Again. After a soft start, Schuler delivered a truly gorgeous rendition of "Beneath Your Beautiful," from Labrinth, featuring Emeli Sande. Check out the amazing performance below to hear the 20-year-old frontrunner for yourself.

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