Modern Family Fan Appreciation Day

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Modern Family has had some rather stellar guest stars. Among are favorites are Elizabeth Banks, James Marsden (shirtless in a hot tub!), Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Jennifer Tilly and Edward Norton.

And the list will likely get longer.

Read on to find out who else the cast and producers are dying to have on the show. They're among the top five things we learned about the hit sitcom last night during a Q&A (moderated by yours truly) at USA Network's inaugural Modern Family Appreciation Day (aka, #mofyday) in L.A.

Modern Family Cast

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1. Will Ferrell, Come On Down! Series cocreator and executive producer Steven Levitan says he's hoping to land the Anchorman star for the show. However, they haven't invited him yet. Levitan cracked that Modern Family likes to "play hard to get."

2. And Then There's Drake: Ariel Winter wants the "Headlines" singer to guest. She practically begged producers last night to make it happen, saying it would be a great present for her 16th birthday in January. "I would die," Winter said.

3. Fighting Words: The show hasn't had too many run-ins with standards and practices. They once tried to kill the word homo, show writer Abraham Higginbotham said. But after much discussion, the almost-censored word made into the show. Fellow writer Danny Zuker said he keeps his writing in check by remembering his own kids watch the show.

Modern Family


4. Ready for Takeoff: Levitan also said he hopes the show will shoot in Sofia Vergara's native Colombia. He said he wants even more now after the fun times he had with the actress's real-life family members at her blowout 40th birthday bash last year in Mexico. "We really want go and I think we will someday," Levitan said.

5. Candy Girl: Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who plays Lily, says her favorite castmember is Vergara. Eric Stonestreet joked that's only because Vergara gives her candy. At least we think he was joking.

Modern Family now airs five nights a week on USA. (Both USA and E! are part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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