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Candy Crush Is Releasing Real Candy! Plus, All the Weirdest Candy Crush Items You Can Buy Online

Candy Crush, Candy Dylan's Candy Bar

If Candy Crush candy is anywhere as addictive as the game that inspired it, we're going to have a big, fat problem on our hands. Thankfully, your mom won't be able to request the real candy from you on Facebook.

King, the company behind the hit, will begin selling their own line of candies on Nov. 1 at Dylan's Candy Bar, according to People. Initially, there will be three types: Jellyfish, sour fruit gummies and mixed fruit gummies.

They have yet to venture into chocolates. Because Candy Crush chocolate sucks.

Boxes will set you back $4. Or four sets of extra moves.

Candy Crush, Candy Dylan's Candy Bar

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We can only assume the candies will be followed by official Candy Crush T-shirts and Candy Crush hats and Candy Crush plushies. It's only a matter of time. Meanwhile, here is a selection of the unofficial Candy Crush products available online, in progressively weirder order:

This bottle cap keychain for $7.88 (via Fizzbombshop)

Candy Crush, Keychain Etsy

This homemade charm bracelet for $20.00 (via ShopCraftyCreations)

Candy Crush, Charm Bracelet Etsy

This personalized wine glass for $25.00 (via OneChelleOfAMug)

Candy Crush, Wine glass Etsy

This customized Crush-aholic koozie for $10.00 (via ColleyvineDesign)

Candy Crush, Koozie Etsy

This pair of mens cufflinks for $8.28 (via cherishedcollection)

Candy Crush, Mens Cuff Links Etsy

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This "May Your Birthday Be Sweeter Than the Feeling of Finally Solving That Level You've Been Stuck on for Weeks in Candy Crush!" card for $4.00 (via HeyBuddyGreetings)

Candy Crush, Birthday Card Etsy

This standard size, polyester pillow case for $14.99 (via singgahsanasini)

Candy Crush, Pillow Case Etsy

This tutu for $79.99 (via TheBerryNiceBoutique)

Candy Crush, Tutu Etsy

This hand crocheted scarf for $40.00 (via rosemarysbabymek)

Candy Crush, Scarf Etsy

This sleep mask for $10.00 (via Sweet16inStitches)

Candy Crush, Sleep Mask Etsy

And whatever this is for $10.00 (via LisaPendants).

Candy Crush, Necklace Etsy

According to the description, it's a "Candy Crush Resin Wire Wrapped Pendant."

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