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    Malin Akerman Reveals She Dated a 28-Year-Old When She Was 16 on Chelsea Lately

    Because she's a married working mom, the similarities between Malin Akerman and her Trophy Wife alter ego may not be immediately evident. The actress and her character do, however, share a taste in mature men.

    "Your husband on the show is a lot older than you," Chelsea Handler said on the Monday, Oct. 7, episode of Chelsea Lately. "Have you had sex with a lot of older men? Like really old?"

    "Not really old," Akerman, 35, laughed. "Let's not go Viagra, geriatric."

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    Handler then inquired about the biggest age difference Akerman has ever had with a lover. "This is awesome that we're talking about this," the TV star replied. "My son's in the back."

    "Your son [Sebastian, with husband Roberto Zincone] is 4 months old," Handler quipped. "He can't hear a thing!"

    Akerman relented and revealed some information about one of her past loves. "I was 16 and he was 28," she shared.

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    Handler, who was in a similar May-December romance as a teen, was shocked. "That's a big age difference," she said. "That's illegal!"

    During the episode, Akerman also talked about her dual role as star and producer of ABC's Trophy Wife. "I am a boss now, which is sort of like a game for me because I don't know what I'm doing," she admitted. "I just go to set and do my acting thing and then pretend like I'm producing stuff. So I like it a lot!"

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