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    Howard Stern's Sidekick Robin Quivers Says Post 9/11 Diet Gave Her the Strength to Beat Cancer

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    Robin Quivers is feeling "fantastic" now that she's been declared cancer-free. Howard Stern's 61-year-old radio sidekick was given the good news "about three or months ago," and on Thursday, Oct. 3, she opened up about her experience on NBC's Today.

    In mid-2012, the Maryland native discovered a grapefruit-size tumor in her uterus. She underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment—all while keeping her struggle private—and returned to the airwaves after a 17-month hiatus on Oct. 2, 2013.

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    Speaking to co-anchor Matt Lauer, Quivers credited her healthy lifestyle with improving her recovery chances. The book author first modified her diet after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

    "I thought I would be one of the people who couldn't help myself out of that [World Trade Center] building. If I was there, someone would have to help me," Quivers said. "I'd be one of those people you had to come and get. And I thought, ‘This is not any way to live and I need to figure out what's wrong.'"

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    Quivers was fortunate in that her treatment was minimally invasive. "When you consider that I went through—chemo and radiation and hardly any side effects—I saw other people and they were going through the same thing I was. My situation wasn't complicated by other illnesses, other medications," she recalled. "Basically, I was strong going in."

    Stern's partner in crime certainly has her energy back. "I've been feeling really good," she said.

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