Robin Quivers


To hear Robin Quivers tell it, her weekend car crash was a near-death experience.

Howard Stern's sidekick was left literally quivering after another car smashed into hers then screeched off without a word. But in the end justice was served.

Cops in Barneget Township, N.J., where Quivers owns a summer house, found and ticketed 50-year-old Robert Crockett after he allegedly slammed into Quiver's car and took off.

Witnesses at the scene provided license plate info that led to Crockett getting nailed. He was ticketed for leaving the scene of an accident, failure to report an accident, reckless driving and operating an unregistered vehicle. 

Quivers had been driving north on Route 9 on Sunday when the accident happened.

She took to the air Monday morning and told Stern that she was "almost killed."

"I was in a car accident," she explained. "This guy came out of a parking lot or some kind of side street like a maniac and he lost control of his car and he hit me. He spun around in a 360 and hit me."

When Stern asked why Quivers didn't slow down, she explained that she did, but that he was spinning out in front of her.

"He tried to make his turn shorter and he turned in the middle of the road. I was the only car there and he plowed into my driver's side door," she said. 

Quivers said that Crockett then "backed up and drove off."

Stern congratulated her on living.

Then he added that he needs her so much on the show, if she's going to crash, it would be better to do on a Thursday or a Friday so he has time to deal with it over the weekend.

Priorities, you know.

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