Robin Quivers


This is no laughing matter for Robin Quivers.

Howard Stern's perennial cohost revealed on this morning's Howard Stern Show that she's going to have a major operation to remove what's apparently a sizeable tumor that's pressing on her bladder.

No word when it will take place.

But according to a summary of today's show posted by Stern fan site Mark's Friggin, when guest George Takei asked her about her health, the 59-year-old Quivers answered that she has a surgery date scheduled and is seeing a doctor today about it.

The newscaster and sometime actor (and strict vegan) was mum on whether the tumor was benign or cancerous. Regardless, the idea of having this kind of procedure makes her shudder.

"I still say it's barbaric," she said.

A rep for Quivers declined to comment on her health.

Quivers dropped the bombshell diagnosis on last Monday's SiriusXM show (see video below, though note it contains some inappropriate language), telling Stern fans that she's currently wearing a catheter.

"So when you see me, I'm peeing," she said. "It just constantly goes, and I'm wearing a leg bag…It's a growth.  It's a mass…Hopefully it can be cut out."

For his part, in a touching moment of solidarity for his beloved sidekick, the shock jock and newly minted America's Got Talent judge threatened to give up radio altogether if Quivers wasn't by his side.

"I'll f--king kill you if you have cancer," said Howard. "I'm not doing the show without you…By the way, I'm quitting if you're not doing the show."

"Oh, don't make me cry," she replied.

Get well, Robin!

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