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    Enough Said: 5 Things to Know About James Gandolfini's Next to Last Film

    Enough Said, James Gandolfini Fox Searchlight

    Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is a single mom masseuse not-so-recently divorced. Her pal Sarah (Toni Collette) talks her into going to yet another LA industry party in the hills. She's absolutely, positively not attracted to anyone. Neither is Al (James Gandolfini).

    Naturally, sparks fly.

    But then Eva's newest client Marianne just happens to be Al's ex-spouse. As Marianne opens up about her last marriage, Eva suddenly has the opportunity to learn all the bad things about Al. Does she take that chance? Even though both Al and Marianne won't know that she knows….

    It's all very sitcomy, but writer/director Nicole Holofcener keeps the laughs coming. Even when inside we're all a little bit sad that this one of the last times we'll see the Great Gandolfini. (His final role will be in next year's Animal Rescue.)

    Five Things to Know About James Gandolfini's Next to Last Film:

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    James Gandolfini, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Enough Said Fox Searchlight

    1. That Grin. He'll mostly be remembered as Tony Soprano. As Albert, Gandolfini gets to be softer, more tender and pretty darn sweet. He had so much more to give, but he's already left behind a legacy to last a lifetime.

    2. TMI.
    When you think about it, Eva's dilemma isn't that much different than anyone who's cyber-stalked their future/present significant other on FB. We all find out more than we probably should, right? Will we ever stop self-sabotaging ourselves? Not bloody likely.

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    Enough Said, James Gandolfini Fox Searchlight

    3. The Catherine Keener Connection. Holofcener has made five films: all with significant parts for her BFF. Keener plays a Los Angeles New Age poet who makes a living as an actual poet and she's at her passive-aggressive best.

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    Enough Said, James Gandolfini Fox Searchlight

    4. These Kids Are More Than Alright. Tracey Fairaway plays Eva's actual daughter Ellen while Tavi Gevinson is Chloe, Ellen's best pal who wishes Eva was her mom. Lots of tension there. 

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    Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Enough Said Fox Searchlight

    5. Two-Time Emmy Winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus! She's on a Roll With These Roles. She's managed to avoid the Seinfeld curse with hits The New Adventures of Old Christine and HBO's Veep. She so busy she doesn't have much time for films, so it's a good thing she picked a good one.

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