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Breaking Bad Recap: Don't Make Walt Angry, You Wouldn't Like Heisenberg When He's Angry

Breaking Bad Ursula Coyote/AMC

SPOILER WARNING: Clearly, we will be writing about stuff that happened in Sunday night's episode of Breaking Bad. If you don't want to be spoiled, move along and get out of here! If you've watched it or if you get off on getting spoiled, please continue reading.

Walt (Bryan Cranston) was thisclose to turning himself into the police, until he saw something that really pissed him off.

In tonight's penultimate episode, the series finale was set up masterfully with a simple glare from the should-have-won-an-Emmy-tonight Cranston. And we also (pretty much) know who Walt is going after in the flash-forward. Basically, Heisenberg is here and he is not playing around anymore.

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Jesse, Beyond Repair? Our poor Jesse (Aaron Paul) is still being forced to cook for Jack (Michael Bowen), Todd (Jesse Plemmons) and the gang. He gets very close to escaping, but when he is caught climbing the fence surrounding the property, Jesse just tells his captors to shoot him and get over with. But they have something worse planned for him as punishment.

Todd goes to Andrea's house and lures her outside onto the porch. As Jesse watches helplessly from the car, Todd shoots her in the head. Jesse won't ever be able to come back from this, will he? If you thought Jesse couldn't be broken emotionally anymore, welcome to level 11. Also, Landry from Friday Night Lights: what the hell?!                                                      

Walt's Comeback: Walt has escaped to New Hampshire and is hiding out in a cabin with basically no contact to the outside world. The vacuum guy who made him disappear runs supplies up to him once a month and fills Walt in on his family. Skyler (Anna Gunn), who is still being investigated for her role in Walt's meth empire, is awaiting her court date and working as a taxi dispatcher for money. Skyler was also threatened earlier in the episode by Todd and his men when they broke into her home, and she promised to not say anything to the police about them or Lydia (Laura Fraser). But especially Lydia. Because Todd is clearly in love with her.

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Breaking Bad Ursula Coyote/AMC

With his hair growing back but his body getting wearker from the cancer, Walt hikes eight miles to the nearby town and uses a payphone in the bar to call Walt Jr. (RJ Mitte) at school to tell him that he's sending a package of money for the family. Walt Jr. loses it on his dad, screaming at him to leave them alone and "just die already!" Ouch.

That seems to be the last straw for Walt, who seems defeated and out of fight. He calls the DEA office in Albuquerque and says it's Walter White calling. He leaves the phone off the hook so they can trace the call, pretty much turning himself in once and for all. As he sits at the bar nursing one last drink (neat, of course), he sees Charlie Rose interviewing his former partner and lover, the Gray Matter team. They are doing damage control because of their association with the meth kingpin Walter White, and they say that the only thing Walt had to do with regarding the company was helping with the name. And we all know if one thing pisses off Walt, it's not getting the recognition he deserves.

By the time the police get to the bar, Walt is gone, clearly ready to go on a rampage.

Only one episode left! Just one episode! How do you think its' all going to end?!

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