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50 Reasons Charlie Hunnam Is Perfect for 50 Shades of Grey (So Stop Petitioning for a New Cast)

Charlie Hunnam, Fifty Shades Book Cover

Yesterday, Charlie Hunnam officially landed the role of Christian Grey in the hotly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey film adaptation alongside Dakota Johnson. And fans were fifty shades of pissed.  

Robert Pattinson is Christian Grey! Matt Bomer is Christian Grey! Ben Affleck is Christian Grey (J/K LOL, can you imagine what kind of meltdown the Internet would have if Ben Affleck were cast as both Batman and Christian Grey?) 

Bomer fans even went as far as starting a petition to get have the film re-cast: "All readers believe matt is christian. It would be a dream to see him in the movie," the site reads. The petition is attempting to raise 10,000 signatures in hopes that--what? Getting Charlie fired? That seems awfully mean. 

Especially since we think Charlie will make a perfect Christian Grey. And here are 50 reasons why:

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1. Basically the only requirement to be Christian Grey is to be handsome.

Charlie Hunnam Globe Photos/

Well, there you go.

2. He looks really good in nice suits.

Charlie Hunnam Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

3. Billionaire bad boy? Here you go:

Charlie Hunnam GIF

4. And again:

Charlie Hunnam GIF

5. And again:

Charlie Hunnam GIF

6. Now imagine that with a little less facial hair:

Charlie Hunnam, Abandon

7. And a sexy, short haircut:

Charlie Hunnam UPPA/

8. Or a hat. Hey, it gets chilly up in Washington sometimes.

Deadfall, Olivie Wilde, Charlie Hunnam Magnolia Pictures

He still looks good, even in a hat.

9. He's no stranger to big movies. This summer he starred in Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim Warner Bros. Pictures

10. So we can assume the pressure won't get to him (PacRim cost like a billion dollars).

Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, Pacific Rim Legendary Pictures

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11. What's a little erotica compared to fighting monsters with robots?

Charlie Hunnam, Pacific Rim

Wait a second. Look at those arms...

12. And now in motion.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

13. Why don't you just take that shirt off, Hunnam?

Charlie Hunnam, Pacific Rim

There it is. And while we're at it...

14. This.

Charlie Hunnam, Men's fitness Cover Men's Fitness/Jim Wright

15. This.

Charlie Hunnam, Men's fitness Men's Fitness/Jim Wright

16. This.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

17. This.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

18. This.

Charlie Hunnam, Men's fitness Men's Fitness/Jim Wright

19. This.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

20. This.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

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21. Sorry, we got a little distracted. Back to reasons Charlie makes a perfect Christian Grey. He's comfortable on a red carpet.

Charlie Hunnam, Anne Hathaway Jean-Paul Aussenard/WireImage

Here he is with big star and Oscar winner Anne Hathaway. Photoshop Dakota Johnson's face over hers, if you must.

22. And he'll sign your stuff at premieres.

Charlie Hunnam Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Hear that, mommy porn mamas? Christian Grey autographs all around!

23. He can do brooding.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

24. Really, really brooding brooding.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

25. He can give intensity, too.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

26. He can say "babe" and make it sound natural.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

"Laters, babe."

27. And...

Charlie Hunnam GIF

28. This.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

29. This.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

30. This.

Charlie Hunnam, Men's fitness Men's Fitness/Jim Wright

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31. Now hear us out: If you're making a movie where the characters spend 99 percent of the story banging, you want an actor who's comfortable au natural.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

(Pro tip: You can find GIFs of Charlie's butt on Tumblr.)

32. And you want an actor who can sell a sex scene.

Charlie Hunnam, Sons of Anarchy FX


Charlie Hunnam GIF

34. And who gives good chemistry.

Charlie Hunnam, Liv Tyler, The Ledge

35. Like this.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

36. And this.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

37. This.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

38. This.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

39. This.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

40. This.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

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41. This.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

42. This.

Charlie Hunnam GIF

43. And most importantly, this. All of this:

Charlie Hunnam GIF


Charlie Hunnam GIF


Charlie Hunnam GIF


Charlie Hunnam GIF


Charlie Hunnam GIF


Charlie Hunnam GIF


Charlie Hunnam GIF

Yeah, we think he'll do just fine as Christian Grey.

50. Oh yeah, and he's a good actor.

Sons of Anarchy, Charlie Hunnam Prashant Gupta/FX

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