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Inside Nicole Richie's Dinner Party—See the Star's Beautiful Backyard!

Nicole Richie, Domaine Home Justin Coit/Domaine Home

From time to time, the world gets to sneak a peek into exclusive A-list only soiree (like last night's post-VMA fetes) but rarely do we get invited to an intimate party at a star's own home.

So it was kind of a big deal when Nicole Richie agreed to allow Domaine Home into her backyard dinner party. Not surprisingly, the star's beautifully decorated backyard did not disappoint.

She told the website she wanted a "relaxed and eclectic" look which is why she adding printed pillows, a teepee and soft hanging lights.

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Nicole Richie, Domaine Home Justin Coit/Domaine Home

As for her top hues, the entire patio is decorated in a blend of turquoise, yellow and black. "It was important to me to keep the color palette strong but not too overpowering," she explained.

Although the overall vibe is kinda hippie chic she prefers to think of it more in seasons. "I hate the term bohemian. My house has that summery look and feel all year round—luckily for me I live in LA and can get away with it," she says. "Our house is the one people come to, to hang."

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Nicole Richie, Domaine Home Justin Coit/Domaine Home

Indeed, the star was joined by pals stylist Simone Harouche, Pressed Juicery cofounder Hedi Gores, and Domaine cofounder Katherine Power for a fun girls night in, which was photographed for the site. The gals enjoyed a gluten-free Middle Eastern meal prepared by chef Jeffrey Nimer and finished the night by playing with a few sparklers. Judging by the group's ear-to-ear grins, the night was a clear success.

And Nicole's biggest tip for making sure your own fete is a triumph? "I'm against assigned seating. I like people to come to my house and feel like they can do whatever they want."

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