St Mary's Hospital, Royal Baby

Stefan Rousseau/Press Association via AP Images

Crowds continue to gather outside St. Mary's Hospital as the world celebrates the birth of Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby boy.

Hundreds of tourists, commoners, and press members are crowding behind police barriers in search of any royal sightings.

With such a chaotic scene, it's no surprise something went a tad bit wrong earlier in the day.

According to the Daily Mail, one vigilant police officer accidently showed off confidential briefing notes as he read the secret information in front of dozens of cameras.

The text could be easily identified thanks to several long-lens cameras. It's OK, officer, we'll give you a break this time.

With the help of Twitter, we're getting a good sense of just how crazy things are outside the hospital doors where officers are carefully keeping guard.

People have been snapping photos of crowded sidewalks, shoulder to shoulder camera equipment and even a cameraman dressed up as Prince William. That's the spirit!

For those stuck in the States, here's your chance to see what it's like to crowd around St. Mary's Hospital for the once-in-a-lifetime royal baby birth.

Tune in to E! News for continuing coverage of the royal baby!

PHOTOS: Take a look at what Twitter captured outside the London hospital

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