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What can we expect from the season finale of The Wanted Life? Nothing short of amazing it seems.


In an exclusive interview with E!, Scooter Braun, manager of The Wanted, Justin Bieber and PSY (just to name a few), gave us some details on the show's finale and what we can expect from The Wanted's brand-new single, "We Own The Night".


"I can tell you there's a big performance in front of 86,000 people at Wembley Stadium. I can tell you that you find out how Nathan handled his vocal surgery. And I can tell you that it's absolutely hilarious."


Um, sounds good to us!


The Wanted are currently touring all over Europe and they've recently announced they have a brand new single titled "We Own The Night" that will be released very soon!


How soon you might ask? Scooter Braun's got the answer: "It's coming in the next two or three weeks."


And the music video? "We just scheduled the music video to be shot next week," he said. So it should be coming soon.


We want to hear the song! It looks like we're going to get just that! Scooter reveals, "At the end of the [finale] episode there will be a minute long sneak peek of the new song."


"The new single is an anthem for every single house party, bar and any great party anyone has ever been to in their entire life," Scooter said. "It is a true anthem for anyone having a good time."


The song sounds like an awesome time and we're super pumped for it!


Scooter didn't give us an exact date when we can expect the band's new album but said it is slated to drop this fall.


We're down!


Watch the hour-long season finale of The Wanted Life this Sunday at 10/9c for an exclusive sneak peek of the bands new single, "We Own The Night"!

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