In this exclusive bonus clip from this past Sunday's The Wanted Life, The Wanted guys are down in The Bahamas and they get to meet some sea lions!


Max does his famous dog face and says they look like big swimming dogs. We kind of agree!


The guys line up for their chance to meet Cassie, the sea lion, and Max is the first one to get up there and gives her a big ole' kiss! Never thought we'd say this, but we're jealous of a sea lion...


Tom, Jay and Nathan all get the same lovin' but after Tom's sea lion affection, he gags and says it smells like terrible fish! (That's no proper way to treat a lady.)


Kevin even gets in the action and gets a nice sloppy one from Cassie. Max jokes, "That's the most action he's had in about six months."


Watch the clip above and be sure to watch the season finale of The Wanted Life this Sunday at 10/9c!


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