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    Russell Crowe's Twitter Hacked, Hacker Sends Out Nude Pic

    Russell Crowe Dario Cantatore/Getty Images

    Russell Crowe is currently visiting Los Angeles with his estranged wife, Danielle Spencer, and their two sons, Charles and Tennyson. And if a tweet sent from the actor's account on Tuesday morning is any indication, it's quite the vacation...

    The tweet was of a woman's "pubic region" and was quickly deleted.

    But it appears he was the latest victim of a hacking: "Hey, I don't know what that was," the Man of Steel star tweeted shortly after. "Just having a chat with Dani when the phone went ballistic. Sorry, gone."

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    As far as celebrity Twitter hackings go, Crowe got off fairly easily. The close-up nudey pic wasn't of him, after all. None of his personal information was plastered on the Internet. No feuds were started. No conspiracy theories were spread. 

    But if Russell isn't ready to make light of the situation yet, others are: Comedian Wil Anderson later tweeted, "Russell Crowe's twitter hacked. Knew it wasn't him when groin shot didn't also include details of that day's gym workout..." 

    In the last 24-hours alone, Crowe has tweeted, "Quick smash in the gym after the ride, super set 3 x 10 x bench,military press, goblet squats,farmers hold.  Separately lat/bi/tri" and "After ride, after gym, 10 gentle lengths in a 20m pool = no pain in the, where's that Piña Colada?"

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    Later, Crowe clarified, "I'm not really having a Pina Colada...yet." But that was 22 hours ago. Perhaps the situation has chanced since then. Yo Russell, we need an update on Piña Colada-gate. That's what Twitter is for, after all.

    Despite rumors that the two were splitting at the end of last year, Crowe and his wife, Danielle, seem to be enjoying their vacation. He's also tweeted a recommendation for Coffee + Food (an L.A. eatery that blends "a little bit of Australia with a little bit of L.A.," according to their website) and asked about Loma Vista, a city outside of Fresno, Calif.

    The last time Crowe made headlines for his Twitter was when he claimed to have spotted a UFO.

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