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Has Alec Baldwin Finally Quit Twitter for Good? Our Experts Weigh In!

Alec Baldwin has lost his temper once again on Twitter.

On Friday's Live From E!, Ken Baker, Arlene Santana and Marc Malkin discussed the 30 Rock star's latest outburst on social media.

The drama first began when a writer from the U.K.'s Daily Mail accused the actor's wife, Hilaria Baldwin, of tweeting "upbeat posts" during James Gandolfini's funeral.

Once the actor found out about the claims, he took aim at the newspaper's reporter calling the journalist a "toxic little queen" and threatening, "I Am gonna f--k you up." He would go on to argue his wife never used her phone in any capacity at the funeral.

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Soon after the series of tweets, the actor deleted his Twitter account for the third time. The panel, however, argued it's only a matter of time before the actor reactivates his account. Thank goodness!

Also on today's show, the gang looked back at the emotional testimony coming from the wrongful death trial involving Michael Jackson and AEG.

One day after Michael Joseph "Prince" Jackson voiced his support for his late father, T.J. Jackson took to the stand to deliver a new perspective of the King of Pop.

In powerful testimony, T.J. described a loving father who wanted to live and raise his kids for many years to come. He also discussed the impact Michael had on his daughter, Paris Jackson, who remains in treatment during the trial.

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Finally, Live From E! discussed the impact of the SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling on pop culture .

With gay marriage now legal in the Golden State of California, will consumers see more TV and movie themes involving gay marriage?

Rumors are already swirling that Modern Family is planning a gay wedding for Mitch (Eric Stonestreet) and Cam (Tyler Ferguson) "It's something we will definitely talk about more," a show source told E! News. We also wouldn't mind seeing a few more gay couples get married on shows such as Glee, Scandal or Pretty Little Liars.

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