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Royal Baby, Duchess Catherine, Kate Middleton, Prince William

Splash News

The royal baby is almost here!

Just a few short hours ago, Kate Middleton was admitted into St. Mary's Hospital after going into labor, which makes us wonder how the soon-to-be mum and Prince William are doing with their preparations, mainly—have they picked a name?!

Let's not forget that this is no ordinary matter. While some celebs can get a little creative with their child's birth name, Kate and Wills are naming the future heir to the throne.

So, no pressure.

"You have to remember they are naming the future king or queen. So you won't want to see something silly, like Queen Suri, which would be fine if you are playing dress-up, but it is not quite appropriate for when you are the queen of 16 nations. They are going to be very careful when naming their child, so we will see something traditional," Victoria Arbiter, ABC's royals contributor and daughter of former Queen Elizabeth II press secretary Dickie Arbiter, told E! News.

In March, wagering experts revealed that Elizabeth was the 8-1 favorite if it's a girl. Frances and Anne are also in the mix at 10-1 and 12-1, respectively. John and Charles lead the baby-boy charge, tied at 10-1, with Philip (14-1) and Edward (16-1) prominent possibilities, as well.

But we want to hear what you think!

Vote in the polls below and tell us which name, either for a boy or a girl, you think the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will choose for their royal baby.