Snooki, Sunglasses

Courtesy: The Snooki Shop; Getty Images

What will Snooki think of next?

After releasing her own tanning products, footwear and even soda, Nicole Polizzi will now launch a line of sunglasses for kids.

There is no doubt the mini shades collection took inspiration from her 9-month-old baby boy, Lorenzo, some styles are even called The Enzo! Too cute.  Also, it should come as no no surprise that the line is has a distinctly Snooki vibe with styles that include lace and studs, furry polka dots and animal prints. There are even thick-framed specs for the itty-bitty hipsters.

The former Jersey Shore star shared the news by posting a giveaway on her website. Now all we're waiting on is a few adorable Instagrams of her little guy modeling the wee shades.

Would you buy Snooki's sunglasses for your babe?

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