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And Justin Bieber's spitgate continues

The singer was accused of battery by a neighbor at his L.A.-area home in late March, and now, E! News confirms the Los Angeles District Attorney has been presented a case on the Biebs.

But hold your angry tweets, Beliebers, because Justin is not currently facing any charges. 

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However, the L.A. Country Sheriff's Department has completed their investigation and presented the case to the DA, so the "Boyfriend" singer could potentially face charges on the allegations, which include spitting in his neighbor's face and threatening him

After the incident, criminal defense expert Troy Slaten told E! News Justin could face a maximum $1,000 fine and six months in jail if he were convicted of battery, but insists "nobody gets [that much time]" and says this would not be a jail case. He added the pop star would most likely be required to attend anger management classes or perform community service if he were to be found guilty. 

The DA is currently reviewing the allegations and will decide if there is a case to be brought against the Biebs.

Justin is currently in Capetown, where he is performing for his Believe tour. 

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