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    White House Down Trailer: Five Reasons to Watch Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx Kick Butt

    From Roland Emmerich, the director who destroyed the White House in Independence Day, comes an exciting new movie in which he blows up…the White House!

    At least that's the way it looks from the latest trailer for the aptly titled White House Down, which finds Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx teaming up to fend off a brazen attack on the commander in chief's residence.

    While the recently released Gerard Butler hit Olympus Has Fallen mines similar action terrain (Hollywood loves movies in twos), here are five reasons we think Emmerich's Die Hard-in-the-White House is worth checking out:

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    White House Down Youtube

    1. He's the Right Man for the Job: Tatum plays D.C. police officer John McClane Cale, who, despite barely being a C student in college, somehow manages to talk his way into the Secret Service after impressing fellow Secret Service agent Maggie Gyllenhaal in a job interview. But this underdog will get a chance to prove his bona fides soon enough.

    White House Down Youtube

    2. When Mercenaries Attack! After the Capitol Building and other houses of government are bombed, all hell breaks loose in Washington. The acts of terrorism provide the needed distraction for a paramilitary unit led by Stenz (Zero Dark Thirty's Jason Clarke) to take over the White House and take hostages, among them Cale's daughter Emily.

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    White House Down Youtube

    3. Move Over Obama, Meet President Sawyer: Leave it to Jamie Foxx to play it cool as the commander in chief in this fictional tale. After he escapes from his would-be captors, he hooks up with Tatum's character and the two try to figure a way out of this dangerous mess and take out the invaders.

    White House Down Columbia Pictures

    4. No Gun Control Here: Doing his part, the teaser finds the prez saving Tatum's butt on one occasion as he takes out a thug with a machine gun, while in another instance, Sawyer's wielding an RPG during a car chase on the White House front lawn. Oh, and POTUS, as you'd expect, has a way with language too ("Get your hands off my George!" Foxx yells at one bad guy).

    White House Down Youtube

    5. Action Aplenty: Emmerich's latest features more than enough of his signature over-the-top thrills—from rooftop shootouts and flying cars to helicopter gunships buzzing the streets of D.C., missile launches and an exploding Air Force One. No doubt about it, Cale's got his work cut out for him as he does everything in his power to protect the president and save his daughter.

    White House Down hits theaters on June 28.

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