Olympus Has Fallen is a big action flick. So it doesn't come as too much of a surprise that some of its stars sustained a few injuries while making the movie.

"Oh yeah. We'd get hit in the face," Aaron Eckhart told E! News at the film's Hollywood premiere on March 18. "Melissa [Leo] was dragged with her skirt over her shoulder, and loving it."

But that almost seems like nothing compared to what Gerard Butler endured.

"I was hit in the eye by a bullet case and I bruised by arm all the way down," revealed the Scottish actor while also noting he was on the receiving end of a cigarette flicked in his direction by costar Dylan McDermott.

"It turned into a big scab," added Gerard as he pointed at his neck.

But not everyone took a beating. Morgan Freeman apparently went unscathed.

"Yeah, isn't that something?" remarked the veteran actor with a smile.

Olympus Has Fallen arrives in theaters on Friday.

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