Brittany Snow, Pitch Perfect

Universal Pictures

Brittany Snow says she had heard some talk about a Pitch Perfect sequel being developed, but there was never anything nothing official—until she checked Twitter the other day!

Universal announced earlier this week that a follow-up to the college musical was a go and set for a release in 2015.

"I literally found out through Twitter," Snow, who played Chloe in Pitch Perfect, said at the premiere of Call Me Crazy, her new Lifetime movie (airing April 20) about mental illness. "I had my little secrets that people were telling me, but I didn't really know until...somebody tweeted me that it was happening."

If she is in talks to reprise her role, Snow isn't saying. "I hope I'm in it," she said. "Maybe people should rally together to get me in it!"

Robin Williams

In other movie dish from the Call Me Crazy premiere, Oscar winner Melissa Leo told us about playing Mamie Eisenhower in The Butler, director Lee Daniels' star-studded ensemble about a black White House butler who served eight presidents over three decades.

"Robin Williams and I were in the middle of making The Angriest Man in Brooklyn in New York, and we flew down to Louisiana to play Ike and Mamie," Leo said. "It was really fun to be on set, to be in the pretend White House with Mamie's little curls bouncing along."

But she admits it's not a big role. "The white people in that movie are not terribly important, so there are really just glimpses you're going to see of not only Robin and myself, but also people like Jane Fonda [who plays Nancy Reagan]," Leo said. "It's really about the butler and his people."

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