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Prince Charles Unveils Artwork on The Royal Paintbox: "At About 100 Yards It'd Look Quite Good"

Prince Charles, The Royal Paintbox The Royal Paintbox/Foxtrot Productions

The Royals love to paint. Like loooooooooove to paint. And now you can see for yourself exactly how much they love to set up an easel, bust out the acrylics and just really paint in the ITV documentary, The Royal Paintbox.

"Painting is almost meditative in the sense that you enter another world," Prince Charles explains, who explains he was inspired by the likes of Queen Victoria and was trained in the art of the arts by his father, Prince Philip. ‘It's most extraordinary. Everything else is excluded."

Prince William and Prince Harry's father continues, "We walk away and shuffle off our mortal coil but these things live on...It's a part of you that's still there. The rest of you is gone."

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The documentary explores the family's artistic archive in the library at Windsor Castle and showcases some of Prince Charles' many paintings of landscapes. But (get this!) while the paintings of are things outdoors, they were done...indoors!

"I used to sit myself out on the hill and I'd try and mix things and it would rain and everything went spotty. And then it was 'Oh God,'" he explains. "So I eventually decided years later that I'd do it all inside."

And, though we think his paintings are actually quite nice, Prince Charles is realistic about his skills (or just really good at playing humble): "The great thing is you begin to realize something like this will look much better further away...I think at about 100 yards it'd look quite good!"

Prince Charles, The Royal Paintbox The Royal Paintbox/Foxtrot Productions

Well, it's no George Bush painting of a dog. But we really are partial to paintings of dogs.

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