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    Kim Kardashian Divorce Attorney: Kris Humphries Is Holding Her "Hostage"

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    Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries
    Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries Kevin Mazur/WireImage

    Kim Kardashian's divorce attorney says it's time for Kris Humphries to "put up or shut up."

    In a 217-page response to the NBA player's assertion that they're not ready to go to trial to settle their split due to "uncooperative third parties," Kardashian attorney Laura Wasser argues that Humphries' camp has presented no evidence that they've been met with any opposition in the discovery process.

    Humphries "cannot continue to hold the Court and [Kardashian] hostage through his own lack of diligence in preparing his case for trial," Wasser states in a Feb. 8 court filing obtained by E! News.

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    Kardashian, who has stated in court documents that she wants to be officially divorced by the time she gives birth to her and Kanye West's child in July, is ready to be deposed ASAP, Wasser states, but it's Humphries who has insisted that he be present—and he has claimed that his schedule won't allow for what promises to be a particularly uncomfortable reunion until at least May.

    Kardashian filed a motion last month to get either a speedy trial date or have her case bifurcated, so that she can at least be legally single even if she and Humphries haven't settled their financial disagreements.

    Wasser states in their latest filing, obtained today by E! News, that Humphries' side asked last July for all of the raw reality-show footage of the couple shot during their courtship and marriage. Show producers filed an immediate objection, she continues, and it isn't their problem that Humphries' camp never filed a motion to compel them to turn over the footage and is now complaining that the producers are to blame.

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    Bunim-Murray Productions, which produces the Kardashian family's various shows, has not held up the proceedings in any way, Wasser states.

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    Part 3

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    Humphries "complains that he was portrayed badly in the television shows he appeared on and is now trying to use this divorce action to establish this by 'exposing' reality television," Wasser continues. "This is a misuse of the judicial process; and one for which my client should not have to bear the costs."

    A hearing is scheduled for Friday at 8:30 a.m. to determine what happens next. Kardashian filed for divorce on Oct. 31, 2011, after 72 days of marriage.

    —Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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