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American Idol Night 3 GIFs: Our Emotional Journey Through Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey's (Kinda) Fight

Last night, American Idol went country (or at least to North Carolina, close enough) which meant: Keith Urban was king! And at least once, Keith compared singing country music to performing brain surgery (again, close enough!)

Now GIF, Keith! GIF! This is your moment!

American Idol GIF, Keith Urban

Well, you tried.

But last night also marked the Clash of the Divas! Gather round, ladies and gentlemen, kids of all ages! In one corner, standing 5' 2" (6' 2" with wig) is rap heavyweight Nicki Minaj. And in the other corner, we've got the Butteryfly Belter herself, Mariah Carey! Just look at those abs, people (wait, are those airbrushed?)

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We will now recreate our emotion journey through this feud, via GIFs of the feuders.

We know it was the big night, thanks to last week's promo. And we were giddy with excitement! One of the biggest catfights in years was about to play out before our very eyes!

American Idol GIF, Nicki Minaj

And you could tell early on the Idol producers were milking it, mixing in footage from every tabloid outlet that covered the fight.

We were getting worked up already.

American Idol GIF, Mariah Carey

The tension was building throughout the auditions (or at least the voice-over told us the tension was building).

When's it gonna happen? When's it gonna happen?

American Idol GIF, Nicki Minaj

And then it happened. We think. And it was...

American Idol GIF, Mariah Carey

Wait, is this it? Is this all?

American Idol GIF, Nicki Minaj


American Idol GIF, Nicki Minaj

We should have just watched the TMZ video instead.

American Idol GIF, Mariah Carey

End scene.

P.S. Yes, Randy Jackson is still there.

American Idol GIF, Randy Jackson

P.P.S. Hope this question haunts your nightmares forever: Do you like country?! DO YOU?!

American Idol GIF, Nicki Minaj

As for GIF-ability, that's Nicki: 2, Mariah: 1.

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