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    Stephen Colbert and Piers Morgan Debate Gun Control, English Accents

    Piers Morgan, Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report Courtesy: Comedy Central

    If you ask Stephen Colbert, British journalist Piers Morgan "drives on the wrong side of the barrel," but he invited Morgan on The Colbert Report anyway.

    Appearing as his guest Monday night, the outspoken CNN host debated America's favorite fake pundit on the controversial issue of gun control now raging in the wake of the Newtown school shooting.

    But before the sit-down got underway, Colbert had a stern message for Morgan.

    "Thank you for coming on. I'm a big fan of the show and I mean this in the most respectful way possible: get the f—k out of Dodge!" commanded the comedian.

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    Lucky for this former tabloid editor, President Obama already ruled out gun rights' activists calls for his deportation.

    When the British journalist asked him if she should leave now, Colbert replied that he could once he fielded such hard-hitting questions from Colbert like, "Do you really understand what it's like to have an English accent telling us how to live our lives?"

    "I actually do, yes. I know how annoying it is," acknowledged Morgan.

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    The duo then talked about how Americans and U.K. citizens view guns differently.

    "We do love our guns. So how dare you tell Americans how to live their lives?" demanded the faux right-leaning commentator.

    "I'm just quietly pointing out that in my country where we have no guns—we have 35 to 40 gun murders a year—in your country where you have 300 million guns, you have 11 to 12,000 murders a year. I think when 20 young children get blown to pieces, America should say, 'Something has to be done,'" Morgan replied.

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    "Well I think that's a cheap shot to bring up the subject that we're talking about," Colbert replied, drawing laughs.

    Watch the rest of the interview here.

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