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    Lindsay Lohan Bashes Canyons Costar James Deen in Leaked Audio Clip

    Lindsay Lohan, James Deen Astrid Stawiarz, Ethan Miller/Getty Images

    Hey, we all get a little stressed out at work sometimes.

    Lindsay Lohan, apparently, was quite frustrated with her Canyons costar James Deen during filming. In a leaked audio clip obtained by TMZ, Lindsay berates the porn star-turned-actor to "do your f--king job!"

    Lindsay, 26, apparently became exasperated with James, also 26, when he seemingly forgot a line while they were rehearsing a scene. "No, can you do it...Please, James, say your line as you're walking over," she vents. "'Cause we're doing your f--king  job."

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    At that point, director Paul Schrader says, "All right, I've had it…I'm tired."

    "So have I," Lindsay agrees.

    Braxton Pope, who produced The Canyons, tells E! News this leaked audio came from "a very stressful day and scene."

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    "We were dealing with a lot of creative and intense personalities, Schrader included," he says. "If someone had leaked 10 days of audio, they would have heard 10 days of professional behavior. That was a very anomalous day."

    Braxton adds that while he "doesn't know who leaked the audio," he wishes he did because it's illegal.

    Illegal, sure, but also super smarmy. Whatever the case, we're looking forward to seeing Lindsay back in action when The Canyons premieres sometime later this year.

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