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Parks and Recreation's "Halloween Surprise" Makes Us Cry Happy Tears

Parks and Recreation Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Flailing arms. Flailing arms! We are having some major fangirl freak-outs happening over here thanks to Parks and Recreation!

OK. Deep breath.

There. That's better. Now we can talk about tonight's Halloween-themed episode, aptly titled "Halloween Surprise," which ended with a huge bombshell of a scene that turned our cold, dead hearts into giant balls of love. 

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We spent the entire episode worried that Ben (Adam Scott) and Leslie (Amy Poehler) were headed for a breakup because he was offered a job in Florida, which would delay their plans to move in together. We were having a full-on fictional couple meltdown, because really, we've been through enough with those two! Until...

Ben showed up in Pawnee to propose to Leslie! He put a ring on it! The cutest couple on TV right now (debate in the comments?) have made it official and are headed down the aisle! How did we react? We can't possibly come up with the right words, so we shall use GIFs:

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Now we have wedding planning, bachelorette parties and a Parks and Rec wedding to look forward to! TV gives us so many wonderful gifts.

How did you react to Ben and Leslie's engagement? Watch the proposal below, and then head on down to the comments and join us in our shipping celebration!

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