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Uh-oh, seems we may have a mommy dearest situation going on with Kara Clarke (Jennifer Jason Leigh)! Could it be Emily Thorne's (Emily VanCamp) search for her mom is going to be nothing but one big disappointment? 

After watching Sunday's episode very fittingly titled "Intuition" that seems to be the case.

We open with Victoria burning a bloody "Visitor's Sign-In" sheet from the hospital that Kara was being held at and we also see her maid scrubbing a lot of blood off the floor of Grayson Manor. Let's recap Sunday's episode right now, broken down by characters:

Emily and Aidan: These two still don't see eye to eye when it comes to their revenge paths. Aidan believes Kara Clarke is dangerous and will be coming after Emily. This turns out to be true, which Emily finds out later this episode. When she's not fighting with Aidan (how cute are they though?) she is coaching Amanda on how to confront Victoria at an upcoming baby shower. 

Amanda and Victoria: At Emily's request (and with her help) Amanda confronts Victoria about what really happened to her mother. Amanda has proof that Victoria was one of the last to see her mother alive in the visitor's sign in sheet from the hospital. Victoria's reveals Amanda's father wanted her to think her mother was dead because the truth was worse: Kara Clarke tried to kill Amanda. Unfortunately this confrontation almost turns fatal. Amanda slips over a railing and is rushed to the hospital. There she undergoes an emergency c-section before being placed in an induced coma. Meanwhile Victoria is concerned Amanda is close to finding out that she was the one who handed Kara Clarke over to Gordon Murphy.

Kara Clarke:  From the beginning of the episode Aidan is concerned that Kara isn't necessarily good and this proves to be true during a confrontation between the two. However, at the end of the episode she must care about her daughter somewhat, because when she learns that Amanda is in the hospital, Emily finds Kara at Amanda's bedside. This leads to a flashback Emily has of her swimming with her mom when she was much younger and it shows Kara trying to drown her. Still there is some piece of the Kara puzzle missing—we're not buying she's totally bad.

Daniel and Ashley: Looks like their convenient relationship could be coming to an end because Daniel figures out that Ashley is spying on him at Conrad's request. But in a sort of cute twist, Ashley tells Conrad that she won't do it anymore. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer: Daniel doesn't break things off with Ashley.

Nolan and Padma: Romance alert! These two start to mix business with pleasure and finally kiss this episode. Still, something seems a bit off with Padma, no?

Charlotte and Declan: Finally they come face to face for the first time at the hospital. Who else is ready for these two to get back together? 

What did you think of "Intuition"? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!

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