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WARNING: Look away if you haven't watched the Revenge season two premiere.

Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) is still out for blood, but did she drown herself on her mission?

We all saw the promo with Emily tied up under water, but who put her there? What is she getting "revenge-y" about now? Is Daniel (Josh Bowman) really hooking up with Ashley? Flash forward three months, and you some answers...

As predicted, we learn Emily put herself under water on purpose. It's a new training exercise to help her recall memories about her mother (and it works). Emily remembers visiting her mom in a hospital, which she decides to go and visit later on in the episode.

Quick note: Notice that hottie Aidan on the beach? This is a guy form Emily's past who will be her love interest this season. Hello, you saw the sexual tension there right? It's also safe to assume Aidan trained with Takeda, hence why they know each other.

Moving on. Emily goes to visit a shirtless Nolan and enlists his help. They visit the shady hospital and Emily is literally retracing her steps from past. Anyone else get goosebumps? Enter Jennifer Jason Leigh, who is playing Emily's mom. We learn Victoria is likely part of the reason Emily's mother disappeared since she was one of the last people to visit.

But what would the Hamptons be without a fabulous party? Emily, Daniel & Co. are all attending a memorial to Victoria Grayson (so obviously this is where it gets really good).

Charlotte—who appears to be sober after completing rehab, gets up to speak when she is yanked away. Shocker: Drugs were found in her system so she is thrown back into rehab. Before Charlotte is whisked away, she whispers something in Emily's ear. Oh, and FYI the drug test was likely a set up thanks to her father, but we'll find out more about that next episode.

So what bomb did Charlotte drop? Presumably the location of where Victoria is hiding. Emily goes off to see mommy dearest. Don't for a second think they are going to be joining forces this season to take Conrad down. In typical Revenge fashion, we are left with a cliffhanger that shows Victoria and "the white haired man" are working together. What?!

We're still reeling, too. What did you think of the new episode? Amazing? Leave your notes in the comments!

2012 Fall TV Spiler-rama

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