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    Tom Cruise's New Jack Reacher Trailer: Five Badass Things You Need to Know

    If there's one thing we can all agree on, Tom Cruise knows action, especially after Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol.

    The trailer for the Top Gunner's latest big-screen mission, Jack Reacher, is in the wild, and by the looks of it, the first feature based on author Lee Child's popular novels about an ex-U.S. military policeman-turned-vigilante has all the makings of a massive hit for the 50-year-old Cruise—not to mention another potential blockbuster franchise in his pocket.

    E! News runs down five badass things moviegoers can expect when Reacher, helmed by The Usual Suspects and Valkyrie scribe Christopher McQuarrie, hits theaters Dec. 21.

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    Jack Reacher, Tom Cruise

    Don't Mess With the Best: In Jack Reacher, Cruise plays the titular hero, who turns up in L.A. to verify the guilt of a former Army sniper accused of killing five people only to get more than he bargained for in the form of a nasty Russian gang. The gritty thriller represents a break for the A-lister, who, along with starring this summer in the musical Rock of Ages, recently wrapped two sci-fi films, Oblivion and All You Need is Kill, and per Variety, just attached himself to yet another sci-fi project, Our Name Is Adam.

    Jack Reacher, Rosamund Pike

    Hot Defender: Rosamund Pike, perhaps best known for playing Bond girl Miranda Frost in Die Another Day and Andromeda in Wrath of the Titans, takes on the role of the love interest here as Helen Rodin, a sexy young defense attorney who convinces Reacher the Army sniper could have been the victim of a setup.

    Jack Reacher

    Cue the Bad Guys: Of course, as the teaser reveals, after utilizing his killer investigative instincts, Cruise's Army cop finds himself targeted by some pretty nefarious people, some of them with high-powered rifles, who were part of the conspiracy to frame the vet.

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    Jack Reacher, Werner Herzog

    Wrath of Herzog! Taking time out from his illustrious directing career, German auteur Werner Herzog (Aguirre: Wrath of God, Rescue Dawn) plays the head gangster known as the Zec. Watch out for his evil eye!

    Jack Reacher

    Fast and Furious: Along with some catchy one-liners, a thumping guitar track and a lot of intense stares, the teaser offers up plenty in the way of high-octane thrills, like this car chase on a bridge. It looks like Cruise, aka Reacher, has his work cut out for him.

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