The Dark Knight Rises: Five Things You Probably Didn't Know Until Now

Read on to learn more about the anticipated flick and its stars!

By Bruna Nessif Jul 10, 2012 2:30 PMTags
Christian Bale, The Dark Knight RisesRon Phillips/Warner Bros. Pictures

Yes, friends, July 20 is almost here, and that means we can finally see Batman kick some you-know-what for the last time (tear) on the big screen during The Dark Knight Rises.

And you may have thought that we've squeezed out whatever information and deets we possibly could about the flick so far, but you're wrong!

E! News sat down with the cast recently, and you may be surprised at what else we learned about the film and the people behind those superhero masks...

1. Those Are Real People: Sure, it might be easier to computerize a crowd to great an action-packed scene, but that's just not the way director Christopher Nolan rolls. While talking with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the actor explains, "It feels real. I think that's a hallmark of Chris' filmmaking. He doesn't do a lot of green screen, digital, cartoon nonsense…you can tell this stuff is real. There really were thousands of people outside the Stock Exchange."

But that might have been because the crew filmed during Occupy Wall Street in New York.

2. Bane Is a Force to Be Reckoned With: We know that everyone is rooting for Batman because, duh, good always prevails over evil, but that doesn't mean he didn't have to put up a good fight. Tom Hardy's character is a first for the Caped Crusader.

"For me, the reason we chose Bane from all of the different antagonists you might set up against Batman, it was all about the physicality. We've never seen Christian Bale's Batman go up against an antagonist who can go toe-to-toe with him, and you don't know who's going to win, physically," Nolan said.

Even Christian Bale admits Bane's strong presence, "He's arriving in Gotham at a time when Bruce Wayne is at his weakest…He's weakened physically. He's weakened mentally and spiritually, as well, and at that moment, Bane chooses to attack Gotham. He's the first adversary we've seen in any of Chris Nolan's Batman movies who can physically dominate Batman."

3. Closure and Epicness: The fans can rest easy, because according to Michael Caine, all of your questions will be answered at the end of this trilogy, and who doesn't love some closure in their life? That's what we thought. Not only that, but Caine insists that this film, "is so good, I don't think we can top it." We wouldn't mind seeing you guys try, though. Just sayin'.

4. Anne Hathaway Is Badass: Not new news? We know, but her role in this film reaffirms her badassery. As the oh-so-sexy but also mysterious Catwoman (whose suit needed the assistance of three people to get into), Hathaway did all of her own stunts—in stilettos! As if that weren't enough, Hathaway explained how she celebrated getting the role.

"My manager called me and she meowed into the phone, so I said, ‘OK, I assume that's a good thing?' and she said, ‘You got it." And it was just a flood of joy and serotonin and endorphins, it was fantastic…I was so nervous for my initial meeting with Chris, that I decided I wasn't gonna have a drink until after he made up his mind, which I assumed was going to be about a week and a half. Three and a half months later, I found out that I got the part. So, I kinda did a back flip for joy and then went out and had a Bourbon."

5. Christian Bale: The Comic: He doesn't exactly seem like the guy cracking jokes, but according to his costars, Bale is quite the funnyman. The actor was said to dance around in his Batman suit onset (who wouldn't?!) because, "when your head is being squeezed that tight, insanity would strike anyone." Gary Oldman said it helps, "keep him [Bale] sane."

"He's a wonderful chameleon," Morgan Freeman said.

Who knew?